I would enjoy hearing from you about my web site or for 

any business or promotional opportunities.



Business or Promotional Opportunities

For questions, comments, or potential business or promotional opportunities, please contact my Agent, Ryan Morgan at:

You can also e-mail Todd Rogers directly at :

Web Site

For comments, suggestions, or ideas about the web site, 

send an e-mail to Tom Jack at:


Do you have a photo that you took of Todd, or with Todd?  

Send it to us and we will post it on Todd's web page.



Todd is very busy training and traveling to all of the tournaments. Because of the large number of autograph requests he is receiving, Todd wants to make sure that he gets to respond to everyone. To ensure that he can do that, if you would, please mail your autograph requests to:

Todd Rogers
c/o The AVP

9th Floor
6100 Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045-9200

      Please mail the item that you would like signed, along with a  

      self-addressed stamped envelope.


Thanks. Hope to see you on the beach!


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